National Geographic managed to capture these mysterious creatures. But what happened here is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

National Geographic’s new show, Untamed Americas, managed to capture a record-breaking happening just off the coast of Baja California, Mexico. With wings over 6 feet (2 meters) from tip to tip, these creatures were meant to fly. Tens of thousands of them gathered here, making everybody wonder why and what for. Their groups are usually being spotted in Gulf of California (Sea of Cortés), warm waters of Costa Rica and especially along the coastline of Montezuma, near the southern tip of Nicoya Peninsula, but never this large. These mysterious creatures are still being researched, they continue to surprise and fascinate the scientists. Enjoy this breathtaking footage and share it with friends. Mother nature will never stop surprising us.

It must be heart-stopping to see this first hand. These amazing creatures are called Mobula Rays, they are closest relatives of Manta Rays. Their size varies from 48 centimetres to 9.1 meters. They may weight up to a ton. Mobulas are found both in deep waters, ranging in depth from ten meters to several thousands, as well as shallow waters. They are known for their surface breaching ability. Mobulas can jump up to 6 feet above the water surface. Their breaching is a source of much debate in the marine biologist community. One of the wider spread theories is that these rays perform this jumping ritual to remove parasites from their skin. Other theories suggest that it could be a form of mating ritual or simply showing off. A group of rays is called school. Mobula ray is a primary plankton eater, it also eats crustaceans. When attacking prey, Mobula ray uses its horn to funnel the prey towards its mouth. It is not aggressive and doesn’t pose serious threat to the human beings at a distance, but when harpooned, hooked or put inside a boat it can cause serious damage, thanks to its massive size.


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