She Sings a Lullaby to This Giant, and He Starts Doing Something I’ve never Seen an Elephant Do!!!

There is a universal language that every living creature understands, it is called “love”. Please, meet Sangduen “Lek” Chailert from Thailand, who loves elephants and decided to dedicate her life to saving them. Lek is called “an elephant whisperer”, she develops a special bond with every animal. In this beautiful video a magical moment between Lek and Faa Mai was captured. This footage is filled with love and tenderness, a great example of how an animal should be treated. I have never seen an elephant do this, so I am very exited to share with you. This elephant could compete with my grandpa in the Loudest Morpheus Championship. Love helps beautiful things happen. Enjoy and don’t forget to share.

How about those Z’s?! Lek Chailert founded the 250-acre Elephant Nature Park in Thailand in 1996, in an attempt to provide Sanctuary for elephants to live in a Peaceful Natural Environment. It is the only elephant reserve that rescues mistreated elephants and allows them to heal in their natural environment in their self-chosen family groups. The park’s herd includes disabled, orphaned and blind elephants of all ages, many of which have been rescued from the abusive training involved in the logging, tourism and street begging industries. Asian elephants, have to pass through a lot of cruel training. Most animals are soaking in blood before they will submit to perform. The sanctuary also has nearly 500 rescued dogs. Volunteers are able to meet the animals and learn about what their lives were like before they came to the park. Volunteers bathe the elephants, feed them. They also help clean the shelters, prepare the food, plant the food, and make improvements to the park. You can also visit Save Elephant Foundation website for more information on volunteering, becoming an Elephant Ambassador, or making a donation.


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