This woman has Alzheimer’s. What her husband did to make her happy is so HEART-WARMING!!!

Please, meet the wonderful couple, Bill & Glad. They become an inspiration for all the couples. They are from the era when you wouldn’t throw broken thing away, you would try to fix them, from the era when people were dealing with marriage problems instead of getting divorced. Glad has Alzheimer’s disease, which changed her and her attitude a lot. Bill loves her with all his heart. Every day he deals with a lot of challenges, but he doesn’t give up. She was there for him and he will be there for her until the end. Bill invented and created something that helps them both enjoy the time together. This couple is the best example of true love. Enjoy their wonderful story and share it with your friends.

I am sure each and every one of us dreams about a partner like this, the one who will be there in sickness and in health. Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain function and causes memory loss, irritability, aggression, etc. It gets worse over time. The cause of progression of the disease is still unknown. There is no cure for it, only treatment that helps the symptoms. People over 65 are most likely to have Alzheimer’s. This disease is one of the most expensive in Europe and in the US. Costs of Alzheimer’s disease in the United States is around $100 billion each year. Not a lot of families can deal with pressure and changes in their sick loved ones. In most cases people with Alzheimer’s live in the nursing homes until the end of their life. They need constant attention and good care provided by very patient and devoted individuals. Many notable people had Alzheimer’s: the former United States President Ronald Reagan, the actress Rita Hayworth, the former Prime Ministers Harold Wilson (United Kingdom) and Adolfo Su├írez (Spain).


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