These kittens got a new toy. Their reaction to it…HILARIOUS! The cuteness beyond words!!!

There is no failure in the matrix. And, yes, you do see seven kittens here. Florence Salles, a cat breeder from Quebec, Canada captured this adorable video of her newly born kittens. They are Maine Coons, which is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. These cuties kittens will make you smile. Florence is swinging a new toy before them and their reaction and synchronism are amazing!!! Cats have been ruling the internet for a long time. It seems that we will never get enough of our furry friends’ adorable behavior. Maybe cats are planning to rule the World and will turn us all into their slaves. Who can resist their cuteness?! Enjoy this video and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

I bet you smiled while watching these septuplets. They would be great in synchronized sports. Maine Coons are specifically native to the state of Maine, it is the official state cat. This breed is known to be the largest domestic cat. These cats are very intelligent and have a gentle personality. For the first time Maine Coons were mentioned in 1861 by the F.R. Pierce, who wrote a chapter about the breed in Frances Simpson’s The Book of the Cat (1903), he owned several Maine Coons. The breed didn’t become popular until the 1950′s, when more and more breeders started bringing their Coons to Cat Shows. These cats have a Lynx-like tufting on the top of the ears, which is the cutest feature of the breed. Maine Coons can be trained to accept the leash. These cats are very playful and friendly. They get along with kids, other cats and even dogs. This kittens breed develops slowly and doesn’t get its mature size until the age of 3-5 years.


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