This Family rescued a nearly-dead whale,but What happens after it gets rescued is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

Michael Fishbach and his friends and family decided to spend their Valentine’s day on the Sea of Cortez, watching whales. Michael dedicated 20 years of his life studying and doing scientific researches on these animals. That day he got a first-hand chance to save a life of a humpback whale. When Michael and is family found the whale, she looked nearly dead. She got trapped in a lot of fishing gear. Because of the weight of it, whale’s tail was kept about 15 feet under the water. These guys’ altruistic deed saved the day. The whale’s reaction after it got rescued is incredible. The heartwarming happy ending is the one you have to witness. Enjoy and don’t forget to share it.

To see how much joy the whale expresses is priceless. Her saviors got the best “thank you” ever. Michael named the whale Valentina. He collects donations for protecting and researching efforts to help these sea giants. Humpback whales are very energetic and acrobatic, despite their large dimensions. They can jump out of the water at about 12 meters in the air. We witnessed a big portion of incredible tricks, Valentina performed in this footage. A humpback whale adult can measure between 40-50 feet, that’s about the size of a school bus; and their weight can reach between 25 to 40 tons. A fully grown humpback whale weighs about as much as four elephants. Another interesting fact about humpback whales is that they spend the summer season near the polar oceans and migrate to the tropical areas of the oceans during the winter season, where they mate and procreate.Sometimes their trips are 8000 km long, making the humpback whales one of the species that migrate on the longest distances.


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