You Would Not Expect So Much Soul In A 14-Year-Old’s Singing. Goosebumps guaranteed!!!

Please, meet the young and the talented, Rachael Thompson. She is a contestant on “The X Factor Australia”. For her auditions Rachael chose the song by Gabrielle Aplin, ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me‘. Let’s just say that song was not as popular as it is now, after Rachael covered it. This 14-year-old has more soul in her voice than the original singer, plus the girl put her own twist to it, which made it totally unique and unrecognizable. The lyrics of the song go perfectly with Rachael’s soft, fascinating voice. The way she ended the song left everyone speechless and covered with goosebumps. Ronan Keating, one of the judges, became Rachael’s fan. Enjoy this young talent and share the video with your friends, it is worth watching.

Rachael blew away not only the judges. Australian audience fell in love with her performance. “Please Don’t Say You Love Me”, which was released in May 2013 now tops the Australian iTunes chart. It was totally Racheal who pushed this song to the top. Her performance got a million views on Youtube the first week after being uploaded. The original singer of the song, British performer and songwriter, Gabrielle Aplin, even thanked the 14-year-old for helping her song become so popular. Gabrielle called KISS FM while Rachael was on air and they both exchanged words of gratitude and admiration to each other’s talent. Aplin’s album “English Rain”, which contains the single “Don’t Say You Love Me”, and was released in 2013, is currently topping the Australian iTunes as well, and keeps gaining popularity all over the world, thanks to Rachael’s performance. It happens very seldom when someone’s cover becomes more popular than the original, but that’s how the talent shows discover diamonds in the rough.


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