The Twins Meet in the Crib. The Way They React to Each Other Is The Sweetest Thing!!!

Twins have always amazed me. Being the only child, I could only admire the mysterious bond they share. The identical twins from this video are only 3 months old, but they already have that very special connection. They’ve been put in the same crib, and then, the magical communication started happening. It is a great pleasure to witness their exceptional interaction. If these cuties don’t make you smile, I don’t know what would. Let’s SHARE this video around, our timelines need more positive stuff like this.

Twins are nature’s mystery. There are so many fascinating facts about their bonds and behaviors! Let’s begin with their communication skills. In 2011, researchers at Umberto Castiello of the University of Padova in Italy watched the 3D videos of twins in their mother’s womb. The analyses revealed that the two had started interacting since 14 weeks of gestation. By 18 weeks, the twins were touching each other more then their own bodies. What was truly amazing is the way they explored each other’s delicate areas, like eyes. The two were as gentle as they were to their own eyes. Also the videos show that twins made distinct gestures toward each other while in the womb. Forty percent of twins have their own language for communicating with each other. Spending all the time together, twin babies become each other’s models, especially when adult model of communication is frequently absent. And did you know that about 25 percent of identical twins are developed as a mirror image of each other. They may be right- and left-handed, have birthmarks on opposite sides. And you would think that two people with almost same DNA must have identical fingerprints, but they don’t. When identical twins are conceived, they do have the same fingerprints. Between 6-13 weeks of pregnancy, the babies start touching and pushing the surrounding amniotic sac, and that’s how the lines on their fingers and toes are being formed.


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