This horse came across a kiddie pool But What happened next is So Cute :)

Who doesn’t like having fun in the water in hot weather?! If it is too hot for you, it must be hot for your horse as well. This stallion found the best way to cool down. Coming across a kiddie pool, he inspected it first, tried the water and then jumped right in. The animal realized that he could have fun while cooling down that way. He is enjoying himself and having fun, and we enjoy watching him. This big strong creature let his inner foal come out and play. We should try doing the same time after time, it is really refreshing. Share this video with your friends to remind them how easy it is to enjoy the simplest things in life. Stay cool, everyone.

So much joy! It is precious to see such a large, strong animal be so cute and playful. Heat and humidity can be very dangerous for horses. Every year, numerous cases of colic, dehydration, and respiratory distress can lead to exhaustion or even fatal heatstroke. It is very important to remember some basic rules that can prevent a horse from overheating. Average size work horses can consume over 25 gallons of water per day when the temperature is above 70°F. To promote the consumption of it, keep the tanks clean and free from insects. Sponge cold water over your horse, especially down the large blood vessels under the belly and neck and inside the legs. While in the pasture, don’t forget to take the animal in the shade time after time. Replenish salt loss during excessive sweating with a suitable electrolyte supplement. Serious electrolyte loss can cause fatigue, muscle cramps and colic. When the horse is in stables, make sure there is a good ventilation. Feed quality hay, because warm weather slows grass growth, and its quality declines. Hay offers energy, which horses need to help regulate body temperature and power the natural cooling processes. Help your horses beat the heat and have fun while doing it.


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