At First, I Thought this girl will play soccer, But What she did with the ball WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

Since it is the FIFA World Cup season, this one is for all the soccer fans, but also for fans of unusual stuff. Please meet, the very talented Malaysian artist-architect, Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname ‘Red’. This girl has been surprising the World with her incredible art and unusual approach to it. This time Red took a soccer ball in her hands, what she did with it is absolutely stunning. Hopefully, her muses will appreciate this masterpiece as well. Red is social media star, I am sure you have come across her amazing food art on the internet. Prepare to be amused and amazed by this vowing video, where the sport collides with art, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

For some people that can’t even hold a paintbrush correctly, this video is simply mind-blowing. Red was given the nickname because her name, Hong, sounds like the word ‘red’ in Mandarin. Her parents are from China. In the 60s during the start of the Cultural Revolution her family moved to Malaysia where Hong was born and raised. Red graduated from university in Australia, then she took up an offer to work for Australian architecture firm HASSELL in their Shanghai office. She was completely taken with the city. The city’s contradicting charms and chaos inspired her art, created using local everyday materials. Known as the artist who ‘loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush’, her works have been featured by media around the world including Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, ABC, CNN, NBC and the Daily Mail. She has worked with clients such as Hewlett Packard, Unilever, Nespresso, AT&T, BBDO, Mercedes Benz, Esquire and Astro, lectured in design universities in Milan. She was named Esquire Magazine’s ’12 Brilliant Malaysians’ of 2013 and given Perspective Global Hong Kong’s 2013 ’40 Under 40 Designers’ award. Red currently runs her own design studio and lives and works between Shanghai and Malaysia.


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