They Never Repeat Steps And The Flow Is Amazing…WOW!!!

You can definitely apply the term “footloose” to these two. Hats off to this couple. We introduce to you Charlie and Jackie. They’ve been dancing together for over 30 years. They have won a lot of Shag competitions through the years. Their moves are so smooth and seamless that their dancing looks absolutely effortless, – that’s the power of a great performer. We all know that a lot of practicing and hard work stands behind this. The dance routine is pretty amazing as well. Charlie and Jackie are the living proof that age doesn’t interfere with dancing. Enjoy this wonderful performance and don’t forget to share it, it just might become a motivation for your loved ones.

How adorable is this couple?! We applaud you! All the joy, they get from doing what they love, what they are passionate about, is so evident. You can see their faces glowing. That’s what keeps their souls young, and also helps them stay in a great shape. The funny thing about this couple is that usually the man’s role is to be like a frame for the painting, – to present the woman and make her shine, but that’s not the case if you dance with Charlie. They both are incredible, but I will dare to say that Charlie outshines Jackie. The shag originated in the late 1930’s in clubs along the coast of North & South Carolina. The music found on juke boxes in “Jump Joints” was combined with dance moves that had been performed to the sounds of big band music. Shaggers used any convenient location to perform their art: stores, beach clubs, breakfast joints. Today shaggers get together for the festivals and they dance as if no one is watching.


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