This seal is a new Kasanova. Even I felt for his charms!!!

You are going to love this gentleman. While chilling on the beach, watching a bunch of elephant seals, a woman is being approached by one of the male members of the herd. She evidently made quite an impression on him. That’s when the male powers kicked in. He tries all his tricks to impress this woman, the one from 3:19 is pretty awesome. Who could resist such a powerful charisma?! After a couple of minutes the woman gives up and falls for the seal’s charms. This video is absolutely adorable and very funny. You are not going to regret spending five minutes of your time to watch it. Prepare to be swept of your feet by this Kasanova and don’t forget to give the “Share” button some love.

How did you like those moves?! Isn't this seal the greatest charmer of all times? He just might be the modern Kasanova follower. He was so persistent, the woman just had no chance. Seals are very curious and territorial. The elephant seal gets its name from its great size and extraordinarily loud roaring noises, especially during the mating season. The southern elephant seal is the largest carnivoran alive, with males even larger than the polar bear. Studies have indicated elephant seals from South Georgia are around 30% heavier and 10% longer on average than those from Macquarie Island. The record-sized bull, shot in Possession Bay, South Georgia measured 6.85 m (22.5 ft) long and was estimated to weigh 5,000 kg (11,000 lb). The dominant bulls (“harem masters”) establish harems of several dozen females. The least successful males have no harems, but may try to copulate with a harem male's females when the male is not looking. It is all about the charm.


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