This turtle was caught up in fishing gear. After being rescued she returned to give a special Thank You

Cameron Dietrich and Colin Sutton, divers were out spearfishing for tuna off the coast of Mexico. They noticed a sea turtle that got tangled in a bunch of ropes. Dietrich immediately jumped in to save the turtle, working quickly to remove the bunch of ropes around its left flipper. We give special thanks to the guys who freed the animal and shared their footage with us. Once freed, the turtle swam away, but then, to the two divers’ surprise, it circled back to Dietrich. Then the breathtaking moment happened, that looks as if the sea turtle was saying ‘Thank you’. These guys become a great example for all the folks that go fishing and diving to help the helpless animals in need. Let’s spread the word by sharing the video.

Sea turtles are considered endangered species. The World Wildlife Fund names human fishing gear as the single greatest threat to sea turtles worldwide. Oil spills, fishing gear, sharks, predators- these are only some of the reasons of decrease of sea turtle population. Their nesting areas have been taken over by human settlements and recreation development, like resorts. This has forced turtles to search for areas that are less suitable for nesting. One female sea turtle can lay hundreds of eggs in one nesting season, but only a few survive under ‘natural and favorable’ conditions. Turtle eggs is a delicacy for a lot of animals, including human. It takes more than a decade for sea turtles to complete their juvenile stage and reach maturity. Only then they start breeding. Their disappearance has caused many widespread effects in the open ocean and coastal ecosystems. As the smartest animal on earth, we have to wake up from our slumber before we lose these treasures of Mother Earth.


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