This homeless dog rescued after being found in a pile of trash,But what happened at the end made me HAPPY

One day an animal rescue organization “Hope For Paws” received an urgent call about a dog living in a pile of trash. Miley, a white husky, has been surviving there for months. The dog looked terrible, she suffered from different parasites and infections, had a lot of wounds and was totally exhausted. Two weeks later, after showers, treatments and care it was impossible to recognize Miley. That’s when she met another rescued dog, chihuahua Frankie, who was found in a drain pipe and was afraid of everything. You are going to see their warm, heart-touching friendship. After some time Miley and Frankie got healed and found a loving home. Enjoy their story and help us share it, by spreading the word we can make more happy endings happen.

It is so painful to see such a beautiful dog in a terrible condition, like Miley was. Have you noticed all the pain, all the sorrow in her eyes? It tears my heart apart. It was incredible to see that after so much suffering and struggles, these dogs still had an immense amount of love in their hearts and became such dear friends. I am very thankful to people that did such incredible job rescuing and taking care of the dogs. Such an amazing transformation happened in a pretty short period of time! It warms my heart to see new videos of Miley, looking healthy and happy with her newly-found loving family. I hope this video becomes a great motivation for people all over the world to adopt dogs from rescue centers. Those dogs go through a lot and they deserve to be loved too. I am sure they would show their love and appreciation more than any other dogs.


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