These two will put a smile on your face. Good mood after watching them play GUARANTEED!!!

This man and his Shih Tzu puppy just can’t get enough of each other’s company. I don’t know who is more adorable in this video- the cute puppy, showing his playfulness and adoration, or the man who is willing to play with the dog on the same level and with the same passion and energy. Either way, watching these two play- is a great mood-booster. If you are wondering about the comically cheery song from the video, I’m sure you heard it in the movie “My Name is Nobody”, “Il mio nome è Nessuno” by Ennio Morricone. Please, enjoy this adorable video and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, they might need a smile today.

This is just too cute!!! “Shih Tzu” translates from Chinese as “little lion”. Shih Tzu is one of the 14 oldest dog breeds, the new discoveries prove that this bred lived even in 8,000 B.C. These dogs have royal roots. Shih Tzu was the pet for most of the Chinese Ming Dynasty. This breed is extremely affectionate, the favorite thing to do for these dogs is to chase the owner from room to room. Shih Tzu is a great companion and his all life focuses around his family, he doesn’t allow anyone to ignore him. These dogs are very friendly, they are good with kids and other animals. These days owners take this breed to participate in dog sports, which is very uncommon. Shih Tzu is very adaptable, he can live in an apartment or farm house. The one thing the owner has to do daily is to comb and brush the dog. Shih Tzu’s flat-shaped face makes the dog very sensitive to heat. They easily get a heat stroke due to the inability to cool efficiently the air that goes into lungs. It is better to keep the dog indoors in air-conditioned rooms during hot weather.


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