This puppy is afraid to jump off the couch. The way he prepares for a jump is TOO CUTE to watch!!!

There is nothing more precious than watching little ones do things for the first time. This cute French Bulldog puppy, named Rocky, is very hesitant about jumping off the couch. It is understandable, since he’s never done that before. At first the puppy doesn’t like the idea at all, he doesn’t show any interest, but his owner tricks him and puts him in a playful mood. Watching this adorable dog gain courage is so awesome. Even Ellen Degeneres couldn’t resist such cuteness, and mentioned Rocky in her show. I hope you enjoy the video as well. Share it with your friends and family, and, please, invite them to LIKE our page. We have plenty of mood-boosters that turn frowns upside down.

In 19th century lacemakers from England bred a “toy” bulldog as a lap pet. After the Industrial Revolution those lacemakers moved to France and brought their dogs with them. Rich French society fell in love with the breed. In late 1800′s these dogs got the name French Bulldogs, due to their popularity in France. This breed is very playful, but stubborn. It is not easy to train these dogs, they need a lot of patience and repetition. French bulldogs are the indoor dogs. Due to their breathing system that makes it impossible to regulate the temperature of the air efficiently. In hot weather this breed can get a heat stroke easily, that’s why it is better to take them for a walk in the evening, when the air is cooler. These dogs need minimum grooming and don’t require a lot of exercise, but the do need at least a daily walk. This breed is very affectionate and loyal, they need owner’s attention and a lot of love.


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