This Abandoned PitBull Was Scared Of People But Her Reaction After Being Rescued is The Most Precious!!!

The Los Angeles-based animal rescue Hope For Paws received a call about an abandoned Pit Bull surviving in a fenced government property. Lisa and Linda, helpers from the organization, volunteered to save the dog. They believe that Bunny, that’s the name they gave her, was left to die by the former owners. They also discovered that the dog had been burned before. Bunny was so scared of the volunteers, she hesitated to come close. Even cheeseburgers couldn’t win her trust. That’s when the ladies set a trap and pretended to drive away. The look on the dog’s face and her tail say it all. Though, the most incredible change happens right after Bunny is let out of the cage. It is INCREDIBLE! Please, spread the word by sharing this.

I have never seen a rescued dog go from being scared to showing so much affection so quick. It is incredible that after all the struggle to survive, Bunny ignores a big bowl of clean cool water and simply gets lost in hugs. Her rescuers say that this is the true character of a Pit Bull. These dogs are very affectionate, trusting and extremely loyal. Her rescuers deserve a round of applause for all they hard work that they volunteer to do. I would never even think about coming close or sticking my fingers in a cage with a scared Pit Bull. These ladies know that love and affection can turn a tail from being tuck to waggling. Bunny is now up for adoption through Sevadog, an Oregon organization that helps dogs and other animals find their loving homes. She enjoys spending her days playing with fellow foster dogs. All the dogs from the shelters deserve to be loved, and if you give them a home they will show you their appreciation.


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