This Photographer Was Taking Pictures of Meerkats, But He Got More than He Expected. SO FUNNY!!!

This is Will Burrard-Lucas from UK. He is a professional wildlife photographer. This time he traveled to the Makgadikgadi Pans region of Botswana to photograph some of the most charismatic creatures in Africa – meerkats. These animals are completely wild, but over time they have lost the fear of humans. Meerkats are not tall, so they are always looking for higher grounds to get a better view over the grass. With Will being occupied with photographing, these creatures took full advantage of the situation. Baby meerkats at first were pretty scared, but after Will gained their trust, they simply started using him as a playground. This video is incredible and very funny at the same time. Enjoy and don’t forget to share it with everyone.

What an amazing experience! Will develops his own devices, that allow him to film and photograph wild animals in new ways. No wonder he likes meerkats so much, they are truly amazing animals. Their belly acts like a solar panel that absorbs heat and keeps them warm. Meerkats’ diet includes some venomous creatures like cobras and scorpions. Consumption of poisonous animals cannot harm meerkat’s body and digestive system, as they are immuned to poison. It is funny that a group of meerkats is known as mob or gang. It consists of five to thirty members, thus making them the highly social creatures. Every meerkat in the gang has a crucial duty to perform: some take care of the pups, some collect food, and others keep an eye on the possible danger. Meerkats are also known for their altruistic behaviour. The lactating females feed the pups of alpha female with their own milk. Meerkats also have an extraordinary power of judging whether someone has had pups in secret or not. And if someone has had pups in secret, that couple is going to be kicked out of the gang.


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