This SMART parrot wants to play with this woman. But What he did is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and FUNNY!!!

Please, meet Michelle Fultz and her bird Cody, who is a Blue Indian Ringneck Parakeet. Cody is about 10 years old. Unfortunately, his owner, Michelle’s mother-in-law, died of cancer. The Fultz family is doing their best to make sure the bird is well taken care of and loved. Cody is a very smart bird with a big personality. The personality of an Indian Ringneck depends on the amount of attention he gets, the more the bird gets, the more affectionate he becomes. The way he plays with Michelle is absolutely adorable and fun to watch. I am sure that Cody’s friendliness and playfulness and Michelle’s beautiful smile will bright up any day. Enjoy this wonderful video and don’t forget to share it. Let’s spread the joy!

What an incredible relationship! Indian ringnecks are native to the forests of Asia, particularly Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Smaller populations also exist in Africa. Some populations have appeared in California and Florida, where the climate is similar to their homelands. Indian Ringneck Parakeets have become more and more popular as pets in recent years, and for many different reasons. For one thing, these birds are exceptional talkers, with amazing vocabularies of hundreds of words. Coupled with their beauty and medium size, these features have made them attractive pets to an increasingly diverse population of bird lovers. Ringneck Parakeets love the attention. If ignored by its owner, a Ringneck can quickly become nippy and moody. Not only do pet Ringneck love to be handled by their owners, they thrive in environments where they are properly socialized and interacted with on a regular basis. Ringnecks can become very loyal to a specific person and aggressive toward potential rivals such as other pets. With a lifespan of around 25 years, the Indian Ringneck can be an enduring, entertaining member of the family.


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