This 90-year-old couple was waiting at the clinic ,But What they did MADE EVERYONE around laugh!!!

It was as close to a perfect day as patients at Mayo Clinic could imagine. The sun was shining through the windows of the atrium , the flowers were blooming and everyone was enjoying a nice day. Fran and Marlo Cowan saw the piano and just started playing. Everyone around started laughing and smiling with all burdens forgotten for the moment. Some people were in wheelchairs, others were sitting with canes beside them or standing. The joy was absolutely indescribable. These two are not just playing the piano, it seems that they let out their inner young selves. Watch this adorable performance until the end, and you will not be able to resist a smile. Share this video to remind that you are never too old to have fun.

How adorable are these two?! This couple have been married for 62 years, Marlow is almost 90. He had never had a physical exam after the army. But as he was getting older, people convinced him to get one at the Mayo Clinic. They scheduled a lot of tests for him and his wife for the next two weeks. They didn’t expect to spend so much time at the clinic, so they started to explore it. When the couple came across that beautiful piano and touched its keys, they were mesmerized by the beautiful sound. So they started playing a little bit here and there, and then the day of this performance came. One of the patient’s visitors captured it on her phone and uploaded on Youtube. Then the happiness spread with unbelievable speed. The song Fran and Marlow are performing is called Old Grey Bonnet. The couple does entertaining shows for nursing homes and churches. They are very religious and believe that their talent was sent to them as a blessing to make other people feel better. And by no means, their positive, heart-warming vibe spreads around, leaving big smiles.


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