This Ninja Was Challenging Strangers to Fight Him. Those That Dared to, Were in for a HILARIOUS Surprise!!!

You never know what will kids these days come up with. Walking down the streets in Toronto people would notice a ninja standing with the sign at his feet, saying “Fight me” and a sword for those that dared to. Strangers that accepted the challenge, were in for a little shock followed by some unexpected fun. The girl in the ball gown impressed me the most, she’s a true mighty warrior. It is awesome when people let their inner child out to play. The world would be such a greater place, if we would not forget to cut loose. Enjoy this funny video, and don’t forget to share it with your friends, they might need to be reminded to catch a break and have fun.

If I was a kid again, and this happened to me, it would be a dream come true. Being a Mortal Combat and Bruce Lee’s fan it would’ve been the coolest thing. This prank was organized by Improv in Toronto, which is a public event group and art collective. They bring fun to the city, spicing up peoples’ lives with unexpected positive art projects, experiments, events, and interactions. They let strangers relive their childhood memories with events such as Pillow or Water Fights, Scavenger Hunts; communicate on Literal Blind Dates; and become participants in feel-good positive interactions, such as Umbrella Taxi Service, Subway Attendants, Gifts for Strangers. This group makes their day, and they pay back with laughs and smiles. Living in a big city that is always busy, where personal space is a privilege, these guys manage to turn frowns upside down and let people have pleasant experiences in the most usual places but under unusual and very fun circumstances.


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