Mrs. Scotto Celebrating Her 100th Birthday,But Why She Refuses To Retire Will Inspire You!!!

We are glad to introduce to you one of the oldest active educators in the United States, Mrs. Scotto. A lot of generations have been influenced by this great teacher. After graduating St. Ephrem’s Elementary School in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn she had finished studies at the college and returned to her school as a teacher of math. These days Mrs. Scotto is a math bee coach, she helps kids multiply, divide and solve equations in their minds in matter of seconds. She and her story is a true inspiration. The most amazing thing is how sharp her mind still is. We can only hope to look as good as she does at her age. Please, share her awesome story.

Mrs. Scotto’s secret is staying busy and helping other people. Working with kids and feeling needed makes her feel complete, makes her feel younger. She believes that when you help someone, you help yourself. Mrs. Scotto says her work made her who she is today. The funny thing is that all of her five children have already retired from their respective professions. As the body changes with age, so does the brain. Elderly people are bad with orientation, their memory gets worse, their attentional abilities decline. However, it is possible to delay the effects of aging of the brain. People that have high level of education, stay intellectually engaged (read, do crossword puzzles) and maintaine social and friendship networks, just like Mrs. Scotto, are able to preserve their brain. It is also important to exercise and stay on a healthy diet, including omega-3 fatty acids, and protective antioxidants. Just like your muscles and joints, brain needs exercise. If you want to have great memory and keep your mental abilities when you grow to be old, don’t turn your brain into a sloth.


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