This Man Creates A Masterpiece in 30 SECONDS, Using His Fingers. He BLEW MY MIND!!!

In Italy this street artist makes money creating beautiful paintings on glass using his fingers. His sign says: “Masterpiece in 3 minutes”. In this video he was captured creating 2 paintings in only 1 minute and 30 seconds. His speed is mind-blowing! It is real, the video has not been fast-forwarded. It looks like he is just smudging the glass, but in the end, just like by a wave of a magic wand, all the smudges turn into a beautiful painting. Imagine how many times he had to do this to bring his skill to such amazing level. Talent without hard work is nothing but a hobby. To gain something using your talent, you have to put your heart, your time and energy in it. Please, enjoy and share.

Humans have’ve been finger-painting since the Stone Age. Researchers have found evidence that children as young as 2 decorated France’s Rouffignac caves, located in the Dordogne region, with finger flutings at least 13,000 years ago. The drawings were not only simple lines but also symbolic shapes. The most creative artist, is believed to have been a 5-year-old girl. The Rouffignac cave complex every year attracts thousands of tourists and scholars with its drawings of mammoths, rhinoceroses and horses. Research confirmed that the images were made the Upper Paleolithic. Archaeologists found out that by measuring the width of the flutings made by the three middle fingers, it is possible to tell the age of the painter. The research also proved that most of flutings were done by children of the age of 7 or less. These discoveries prove that children had played a big role in the ancient society. It also proves that boundaries between children and adults were more relaxed during the Stone Age than they are in the modern world.


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