This 4-inch Marionette Performs On The Street. Every Day He Makes Hundreds of People Amazed And Smile.

The New York City is the best entertainer of all times. You just get on the street, and the show begins. NYC is home for the most talented people. Today we want to introduce to you RicKy Syers and his puppet Mr. Stix, who is one of 13 puppets created by RicKy. They entertain passersby at Washington Square Park. RicKy Syers is also a great musician, who created a device which allows him to play up to 4 instruments at the same time. Every day Mr. Stix’s performance makes hundreds of people stop in amazement. His act seems unreal, I mean, it seems too real for a puppet, his body language, his movements, his character. Prepare to be amazed and amused. Please enjoy and share this video with everyone.

RicKy Syers has been already noticed by people from show business. I don’t think he will ever be seen on the streets again. His talent is so obvious! Since Ricky was a kid, he loved creating stuff with his hands. He would make cannons out of pencils and different toys out of things laying around. He always enjoyed being an artist, he even got his Nail Technician’s license just so he could paint nails. Later Ricky made a drum set out of garbage piles, and became a one-man show performing at local clubs in New Jersey. The puppets were his own entertainment. Ricky would create puppet shows in his driveway and across the street to hundreds of people. Soon he realized that his marionette Stix was his ticket to success. Ricky even created a marionette of one of his fans, Doris. This story even appeared in the town paper “The Villager” and featured in the book “Humans of New York”. But the real success and fame came to Ricky after he created a marionette of Howie Long, the sports commentator. It was used in an on air segment for Pizza Hut, during pre-game Superbowl. And that’s how a hobby became the ticket to stardom. Don’t be afraid to dream. Dreams do come true, but only if you work hard.


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