This Manta Ray Came Very Close to the Divers, But What Happened Next is Absolutely AMAZING and So Heart-Warming!!!

Jane Headley with a team of divers and their guide GL went diving in the Philippines with Manta Rays. A very large Ray approached them and it looks like she tried to get the divers’ attention. That’s when GL spotted a lot of fishing line that was wrapped around the animal’s wing. The line has cut into her right wing about 30 cm and caused a large gash down her back. GL tries to cut it off, but the ray flinches. The man wouldn’t give up that easy, he was determined to help the animal. You will become a witness of a wonderful rescue of this graceful “angel of the sea”. Please, enjoy and share this beautiful video to raise the awareness about the garbage in the ocean.

Such an amazing experience! Jane Headley, who shot this video, says that the Ray swam with them for over 10 minutes until they were low on air & had to leave. Then they watched while on their safety stop as she continued to circle below them with another Manta ray. The woman is convinced the animal stayed with them for help as this was the longest & closest interaction she had ever had with Rays. The name “Manta” means “blanket”, which this kind of Rays reminds of. Unlike the Sting Rays, Manta rays don’t have a stinger and they are not dangerous to approach. They can be up to 25 feet in length and weight as much as 3,000 pounds. The open fins of a Manta Ray can be more than 20 feet in length. The Manta Ray has the largest brain to body ratio of all sharks and rays on Earth. They are very close relatives of the shark. Ironically, sharks are their main predators. I hope this beautiful footage becomes a reminder to everyone of how much do animals suffer from all that trash that we leave behind.


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