This man with Alzheimer’s has almost lost all his speech. What happens when he sees this dog is INCREDIBLY TOUCHING!!!

This man has Alzheimer’s disease, which affects memory, thinking, and behavior. He stopped recognizing most of his family members and lost almost all the ability to talk. Every time his daughter brings her dog to visit the man, something incredible and very touching happens. This story is another proof that dogs reach people in a way that other people can’t. They feel us, our emotions, changes in our body and they try to comfort us, showing their compassion. For a lot of people dogs become more than just pets. Let this video become a reminder of how fragile the life is. I hope it will be a motivator for everyone to cherish every moment spent with loved ones, especially parents. Share this video and show your love today.

How warm and touching are the words said to the dog?! This is absolutely heartbreaking to watch your loved one go through terrible changes, triggered by this disease. It is considered the most expensive disease in the US. Not a lot of families are able to take care of their family member with Alzheimer’s. They require constant attention and a lot of patience. In most cases these people end up in nursing homes. As the disease advances, symptoms can include confusion, irritability, aggression, mood swings, trouble with language, and long-term memory loss. The cause and progression of Alzheimer’s disease are not yet well understood. Current treatments only help with the symptoms. Unfortunately, there are no available treatments that can stop or reverse the progression of Alzheimer’s. To comfort the patients at the nursing facilities, doctors use dog therapy. The animals decrease patients’ stress and depression, increase their physical and social activity and boost the mental stimulation.


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