This man has an unusual friend… an 800-pound grizzly bear. Find out HOW did they become best friends!!!

Please, meet the naturalist, Casey Anderson, and his best friend a 800-pound grizzly bear, Brutus. Casey found Brutus near his dead mother-bear when he was just a cub. The man raised him and built a sanctuary for the bear when he grew big. Casey has dedicated himself to wildlife preservation. He has loved and respected wild animals since he was a kid. Watch their life journey that resulted into an incredibly warm and unusual friendship. These two friends are now educating the public about grizzly bears, their behavior, their habits. Casey spent a lot of time with this bear and he strongly recommends not to attempt anything you see in this video. Enjoy and share this wonderful story with your friends and family.

You never know who is going to turn out to be your best friend. Some people find animals to be more reliable and devoted than humans. Montana Grizzly Encounter is the sanctuary where Brutus lives. It also becomes home for other rescued grizzly bears, including adopted siblings, Jake, Maggie and Sheena. Casey and Brutus developed a one of a kind bond that led to great things. From being an orphaned cub with no home Brutus turned into a real movie star and a grizzlies’ ambassador. Casey risks his life every day, being around some of the most dangerous species on the planet, but they are his passion. He tries to understand grizzlies’ behavior. Casey and Brutus completed a year-long mission to chronicle the lives of Yellowstone’s grizzly bears. They both lived among them, Casey was observing their behavior and even got to try their favorite food. You can watch their journey on the National Geographic Chanel or get their movies “Expedition Grizzly” and “Grizzly Encounters” online.


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