This man takes treadmill workout to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. He is AMAZING!!!

They call him “Tread Mill Dancer”. Marcus Dorsey is the treadmill extraordinaire from Jacksonville, Florida. He turned a boring exercise into an exciting workout. His creative routine helps burn more calories by using different muscles. Plus, watching him exercise is very entertaining. I have no idea how many times did Marcus have to fall off that treadmill before he made his footwork and balance look so effortless and so natural. What he can do on this machine will amaze you. For me this man is incredible, because, to be honest, I can barely stand on the treadmill, I’m so off balance! Thanks to this video, Marcus was noticed by social media. He appeared on multiple TV shows, including Good Morning America and The Doctors. Please, enjoy and share.

First Treadmills appeared around 4,000 years ago. They were powered by a human or an animal. Their primary use was to lift buckets of water. Later this technology was used to gring grain, pump water and mix dough. In later times people started using treadmills as punishment devices for people sentenced to hard labor. This type of treadmills were invented in 1818 by an English engineer named Sir William Cubitt, son of a miller. He decided to use sentenced people’s power for something good and beneficial for the society. The first treadmill “training machine” was issued in the US on June 17, 1913. In 1952 at the University of Washington was designed a tradmill machine to diagnose heart and lung disease, it was invented by Dr. Robert Bruce and Wayne Quinton. However, the first treadmill for home use was developed by William Staub, a mechanical engineer. He created his machine after reading the 1968 book, Aerobics, by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper. He called the PaceMaster 600. Staub sent his prototype to Cooper, who found the first customers, which included sellers of fitness equipment. Staub began producing the first home treadmills in Clifton, New Jersey.


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