You Won’t Believe What This Cop Did When The Cameras Weren’t Rolling. UNBELIEVABLE!

This incredible story happened at Wylie, Texas. Hayden Carlo works hard to support his family with two kids. As we all know, there is no such thing as extra money when you have little kids. One day Hayden got pulled over by a police officer for his expired registration. He explained the officer that he didn’t have money to take care of the issue. When Hayden received the ticket he discovered something unusual. He couldn’t believe his eyes, you don’t see things like this happen every day. Our life is full of surprises, sometimes we get help from people we least expect it from, and that’s what makes our life beautiful and exciting. Please, enjoy and share this great story with your friends.

Being pulled over by a police officer and receiving a ticket is frustrating, but a ticket for expired tags is a quite simple issue to resolve without paying anything. Here is how you get it dropped by the court in the US. First of all, you renew your tags, as soon as possible. It is better to carry the ticket you’ve got and the receipt for your new registration in your car, so that in case if you get pulled over for the same reason again, you could show all that to the officer. The officer won’t write you another ticket. On your court trial come with all the paperwork and new tags. Show the district attorney all the paperwork and explain the reason why were you late with the renewal of registration. In most cases, you will not need to see the judge, the charges will be dismissed right away. In case, if the district attorney refuses to close the issue, you go to the judge at your next court date with something that can proof that you were not able to renew your registration: plain tickets if you were out of town, unexpected expenses, even if you just forgot, you say that, because honesty is the best policy.


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