This man got stuck between the platform and the train. What happened next is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

This story is about the power of compassion. This happened on a usual busy day at Perth’s Stirling station in Australia. The man was boarding a Perth-bound train, but suddenly his leg slipped. It got wedged in the gap between the carriage and the platform. The man got trapped. He alerted the driver, so he wouldn’t move. Right away the man caught attention of other passengers and station staff. What happens next is quite amazing. I definitely haven’t seen anything like this before. This video shows that one person can’t do much, but the power of unity can have a great impact. Fortunately, the man did not sustain serious injuries. He even refused to go to the hospital. Enjoy this incredible rescue, and don’t forget to share.

This video reminds me the story about sticks. When an old wise man was dying, he called his sons. He gave each a stick and asked to break it. The sons broke the sticks easily. Then the old man gave them a bunch of sticks and asked to do the same. Non of the sons could brake the bunch. “That’s how I want you to live from now on”, said the old man. When you are alone, you can be easily broken. But when we stand together, we are strong. This is the power of unity. When we need help and support, where do we go? Sometimes we just need to talk to someone to feel better. And as they say, shared joy is doubled joy, shared sorrow – only half of sorrow. The power of compassion and unity is what holds our society together. If we fail in this, there will be no humanity to continue. If every person felt the unity of soul, there would be no wars, pollution, greed, poverty, etc.


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