This man got the present of his dreams from his son. His reaction will tear your heart apart and then put it back together.

The most priceless presents are those that have a meaning behind them. This man got a great surprise from his son. His son was only 8 years old but he made a promise: to buy this present for his dad one day. Years later, for his 57th Birthday, the man received the surprise he’s been always dreaming about. His reaction is so sincere and touching it will not leave anyone indifferent. I believe this man is a great dad, and he definitely raised a good son. Let this video be an inspiration for all the fathers to be good dads and for kids to love, appreciate and show that they do to their parents. Enjoy this touching moment and give a hint to your loved ones by sharing it.

His “No” tore my heart apart, so touching. Dads are immensely important in raising a well-adjusted, happy and successful child. Moms and dads bring different strengths and styles as parents, and these roles complement each other. Kids need love, support, and involvement from both their parents. Infants regard to their mother as an extension of their own body, but father is altogether different. A strong bond between a dad and his baby can help establish good social relationships later on. Dads play a special role in the lives of their sons, modeling what it’s like to be a man. They show their boys how to have dignity, integrity and respect for others. This can help them grow into responsible, caring men who are good fathers themselves. Boys who admired their dads score higher on tests of personal moral judgment, moral values and rule-following, reports the Institute for the Study of Civil Society. Daughters learn from dads that they are worthy of being loved by a man. Dad is also the model of how a man should treat women. When you praise your daughter, she is more likely to develop independence and confidence.


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