This man climbed 350 feet down the canyon. What he found on the bottom changed his life.

On june 20, 2010 Zak Anderegg went hiking alone in the canyon in the Arizona desert. He hiked 350 feet down to make a heart-breaking discovery. What he found on the bottom of the canyon made him and everyone who knows the story very mad. Since Zak was hiking alone, which is actually very dangerous, he couldn’t finish his rescue mission that day, but he had brought everything that would have helped his discovery survive until he came back. Zak returned with heavy equipment and was able to finish what he started. This story is now described in the book, “Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself”. From the moment Zak pulled Riley out of the canyon, both guys’ lives changed forever and for the better. Enjoy and share this inspiring story.

We will never find out how did Riley get in there. I still hope that it was not human’s cruelty that became the reason of this dog being stuck in the pothole. But if it really is, than it is simply sad. Don’t forget about Karma: what goes around always comes all the way back around. After leaving the dog with water Zak climbed out and drove to Page, Arizona to recruit a rescue team. He was sure the dog, being starved and dehydrated, had only 24-48 hours to live. Zak was told flat-out that certainly no one was going to send out the fire department or the sheriff’s department to help him. So Zak said: ‘All right, I’ll manage on my own.’ That’s even more incredible, that he did everything by himself, with no one’s help. Zak is very greateful to The Page Animal Hospital, who saved Riley’s life. Most of the costs were covered by the hospital’s Angel Fund. People like this make this world a more beautiful place. Such an inspiring example!


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