Everyone Thought This Baby Giraffe Didn’t Survive, But Mother’s Love and Support Made a Miracle Happen!!!

It is always a miracle watching a new life come to this world. It is also a big deal when animals give birth in the zoo, especially subspecies that are classified as Endangered. Giraffe’s pregnancy lasts 400-460 days. It’s a long wait for the expecting mama. For the employees and visitors at the Memphis Zoo it was a delightful wait as well. Around noon this giraffe started giving birth, first came out the front legs, then the head, neck, shoulders. After the baby fell to the ground, from a pretty descent height, he wouldn’t move. People started suspecting the worst. But mother knows best, she did what had to be done. Her love and support made a beautiful miracle happen. Please, enjoy and share.

The fall of a newborn giraffe can be as far as 5 feet (1.5m), and baby’s height is about 6 feet (1.8m). For the first 1-3 weeks babies spend all the time hiding, and their coats provide the great camouflage. Mothers with calves gather in so called “calving pools”, where they help each other raise the little ones. A calf can be left with another female giraffe, while his mother is getting food or water. If a predator approaches, the mother giraffe stands over the calf and kicks the dangerous animal. Just like human fingerprints, each giraffe’s coat has unique pattern. Giraffes rely on red-billed and yellow-billed oxpeckers, birds that help them get rid of ticks. These birds can usually be seen sitting on the animals’ backs. Have you ever wondered what does giraffe say? Well, giraffes communicate using noises that are too low for humans to hear. West African giraffe, the Rothschild giraffe and the Nubian giraffe are the most endangered subspecies, their population is counted in hundreds.



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