These ladies lost their community bus service. The 98-year-old did something VERY IMPRESSIVE to help her friend!!!

We are glad to introduce to you Evelyn, who is almost 98 years young. She lives in a retirement community. Evelyn lost her drivers licence because somebody has decided she was too old to drive. She has never gotten a ticket or had an accident. Evelyn considers herself a good and very careful driver. They used to have a bus service that would take members of the community around the town, but it got cancelled. Evelyn’s friend and neighbor Joyce got very depressed because of this. What did Evelyn do to lift her friend’s spirit is unbelievably heart-warming. Let’s share this video to promote generosity, because it makes our world a beautiful place to live in. Evelyn believes that if you can contribute, you definitely should.

Such a great and very inspiring story. Have you helped anyone today?! Remember, if you help someone today, tomorrow someone will help you. Do something wonderful for someone today without expecting anything in return. You’ll make someone’s day and you’ll feel just as good for doing it. If each of us does one good deed daily, it will be 365 good deeds a year just from one person. Imagine all the goodness if everyone chooses to do so. I hope generosity will go viral, just like this video, our world needs a lot of it. Evelyn’s story is one of the stories from “I Like Giving”, which is a non-profit, created to inspire a generous world. The website serves as a platform for storytelling and idea sharing. “I Like Giving” has a goal to make Earth a a more beautiful place, it wants your action. Brad Formsma is the creator the website, which is viewed in more than 165 countries.


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