This Kitten Can’t Get Away From His Clingy Friend. This Turned Into the Cutest Game Ever Seen!!!

Oh, the things you see on Korean streets! They just don’t stop amazing us. This time the passerby captured the most adorable unlikely friendship. The weasel came to town, maybe looking for his mom. He found a cute friend instead, a kitten. The cat is not crazy about the passionate weasel, but he is too persistent. The way these two interact will make your heart smile. Prepare for the “Awws” and “Ahhs”, and don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family, it just might make their day. Please, enjoy, and thanks for watching. We would greatly appreciate if you invited your friends to “LIKE” our page.

These two are just too adorable! The name “weasel” derives from the Anglo-Saxon word “weatsop” meaning “a vicious bloodthirsty animal”. These mammals are very strong and fearless predators. A weasel is capable of running around 274 m, while carrying a large mouse in its mouth. It hunts during daytime and nighttime as well. Besides its small size, the weasel can confront animals much bigger than him, and hunt animals 5 sizes bigger. When threatened, while holding food or while eating, this little rascal may attack humans. Weasels are poisonous, so it is vital to go straight to the hospital after being bitten by it. that’s why you should never try picking up a wild weasel with your bare hands, no matter how cute it is. If you found the animal in trouble, call the rescuers. These animals have a camouflage defense mechanism. Their coats change color with a change of season. Their brownish summer coat turns into a fade-white shade with winter approaching. Weasels don’t have much body fat, that leads them to loosing body heat fast. That’s why these animals have to eat frequently.


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