This kitten keeps bugging the Pit Bull. Dog’s reaction is waaay better than you expect!!!

There is a new member in the family. This pit bull used to be the only pet in the household, but today it changes. His owner brought a new addition- a cute kitten. He is not shy or scared at all, he goes straight to the dog and starts playing and bugging her. Little does the kitten know what’s coming to him. You would not expect such an adorable reaction from a pit bull. This dog is one more proof that pit bulls are not vicious by nature, they are gentle and thoughtful. Good training and loving environment determine the character and behavior of the dog. I hope you enjoy the beautiful moment of these two meeting and bonding for the first time. Please, like and share.

The name ‘pit bull’ is often used as a generic term describing dogs with similar physical characteristics. People call ‘pit bull’ several breeds including the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier. However, the only one official ‘pit bull’ is American Pit Bull Terrier. The Pit Bull Terrier was created by breeding Old English Terriers and Old English Bulldogs together. This breed was expected to be playful as a Terrier and strong as a Bulldog. These dogs were first created and bred in England, later they arrived in the United States and became direct ancestors of the American Pitbull Terrier. Pit Bulls were used in such cruel sports as bull baiting, bear baiting and cock fighting. In 1835 Britain introduced animal welfare laws, so all those bloodsports became prohibited. However, gamblers started dogfighting, it was cheaper and easier to organize, without involving big animals like bulls and bears. Till these days Pit Bull is a number one dog used in dog fights. These dogs are also used for guarding illegal drugs, attacking police, that’s why they have a bad reputation. However, with proper training, dogs this breed are excellent, devoted companions and a great working dogs.


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