This kitten was abandoned by his mother. Her new parents share this cuteness with us.

We are glad to introduce to you Nikita, a very cute kitten from Poland. She and her four siblings were abandoned by their mother. Unfortunately, Nikita was the only one who survived. Krzysztof, the author of this video, together with his fiancé became new “parents” for the kitten. You can see how cute and tiny this she is. How adorable she is while eating! She is healthy and very playful. Nikita was introduced to another adopted cat Bobo. They became best friends very quick. Now they have their own YouTube channel, Facebook page ad Twitter account. Their owner keeps entertaining and amusing us with pictures and videos of Nikita and Bobo being absolutely adorable. Enjoy this video and don’t forget to share it.

I am in love with this cutie. The way she its with her tiny mouth just puts tears of adoration and joy in my eyes. Krzysztof Smejlis fiancée’s father, Stanislaw, found a kitten at the place where he works as a night watchman. She was just five weeks old and barely alive. He fed her some warm milk from an empty pen and called his daughter, she was happy to help. They bottle-fed Nikita every three or four hours and rubbed her stomach. They named her Nikita because they are big fans of the TV show, La Femme Nikita. After a month, she was introduced to the other cat. Now they love to play with each and even eat from the same bowl. Bobo is this very calm big brother, and Nikita is the annoying little sister. Nikita turned out to be a beautiful, unexpected gift for the family that brings them joy every single day.


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