She’s Been Keeping a Secret until She Gave Birth. The Way Her Family Reacts To The Truth is PRICELESS!!!

This woman already has 3 boys, and this is probably her last child. The last 6 grandchildren on her side of the family have been boys. Woman’s mother raised 4 girls herself, she really wanted her daughter to experience that special mother-daughter connection, but she gave up hope. Through the whole pregnancy the woman managed to keep a secret. She knew how excited everyone would be to find out she was having a girl. And that’s why she had told friends and family she was having a boy. After the woman give birth, everyone had to figure out on their own that boys don’t get wrapped in pink. They caught on camera the cutest and the funniest reactions I’ve ever seen. Please, enjoy and share.

There is a lot of gambling features involved in pregnancy. The probability of having a girl or a boy is pretty much 50/50. However, in the US the ratio shows that there are 51% boys and 49% girls. Previous experiences do not affect future ones; probability has no memory. Thus the probability of having a girl next is 50%, regardless of if you’ve had boys or girls in the past. To think otherwise is known as the gambler’s fallacy. In the US parents are 6% more likely to stop having children if the first two children are a boy and a girl. From parents with two same-gender children, those with two girls are 3% more likely to stop having children than those with two boys. Parents of 3 same-gender children are only 2% more likely to have a 4th child than parents with mixed-gender children. Even after 3 boys, you are only 6.4% more likely to have a 4th boy than a girl. If you have had 2 or 3 boys, you are only about 2% to 6% more likely to have another boy. If you have had girls, you are slightly more likely to have a boy next.


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