The Judges Thought They Heard A Ghost Singing. This Performance Left Everyone SPEECHLESS!!!

During the blind auditions on The Voice Holland, season 4, 40 year-old Mitchell Brunings decided to sing Bob Marley’s classic, “Redemption Song.” As soon as he let out the first note, he made the judges freeze in their seats. Then, as if by magic, all four judges turned their chairs. Mitchell’s amazingly smooth voice with unique texture and great control won their attention. This video went viral really quick. So far it has already met the 20 million views mark. It is still amazing how much impact Bob Marley’s music still has. Mitchell’s performance is named the best cover of this legendary song. Please, enjoy and share it with your friends and family, especially if they are Bob Marley fans. Thank’s for watching!

Mitchell Brunings is originally from Surinam, a small country next to Brasil, South America. That’s where his musical preferences come from. He grew up listening to Caribbean music, Salsa, Merengue, Reggae. His unique voice fits perfectly in these genres. These days he is touring with his reggae band. “Redemption Song” was released as a single in the UK and France in October 1980. At that time Bob Marley was already secretly in a lot of pain and dealt with his own mortality. You can hear his struggles that feature in the album “Uprising”, and particularly in the “Redemption Song”. In 2004, Rolling Stone placed the song at #66 among The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In 2010, the New Statesman listed “Redemption Song” as one of the Top 20 Political Songs. The song urges listeners to “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” because “None but ourselves can free our minds”. These lines were taken from a speech given by Marcus Garvey in Nova Scotia during October 1937.


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