The husky dogs play with polar bears. Incredible, right? But that’s not all.

In the icy cold lands two natural predators coexist. They are different in size and kind, but very sociable. The bunch of husky dogs, trained to pull the sleds, finds some really incredible friends to play with- the polar bears. These bears are the largest predators of these lands, but they don’t seem to be intimidating at all while playing with these dogs. The dogs’ owner says the bears realize that they have to keep a distance from him, also they always play nice with the dogs. So don’t worry, non of the dogs gets hurt, and their owner will not let that happen. It is amazing to see such a warm side of a polar bear’s personality. Share this incredible video with your loved ones.

Everybody needs a cuddle time after time. I bet you thought for a second that the bear was going to chew the dog. They have a rule: do not eat friends. Quiet an amazing relationship they have developed. Polar bears are the largest predators on land, and they are the largest of all bears. An adult male Polar Bears weigh up to 1,550 pounds and stand at about 10’ tall. Females are usually way smaller that males, they also weight twice less. The scientific name for a polar bear is ‘ursus maritimus’, it means “sea bear”. These animals by no means are great swimmers. They have been known to swim 100 miles (161 kilometers) at a stretch. And did you know that the Greek word for bear is ‘Arctic’ which is exactly where most of Polar Bears live. The word ‘Antarctic’ literally means ‘without bear’. Polar bears are considered the endangered species, due to the global warming and melting ice.


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