This Carriage Horse Was Saved From Slaughter. Watch Him Celebrate His New Life! So PRECIOUS!!!

This horse, named Bobby II, spent all his life working as a carriage horse in New York City. Bobby had to retire due to health issues and old age. His owner decided to send him to the slaughter house. That’s where he was found by Susan Wagner, the president of Equine Advocates, the non-profit organization that rescues animals from slaughter, abuse and neglect. Bobby II was sent to the doctor, who discovered a lot of issues as a result of neglect. The horse was moved to Save Home Equine Rescue & Sanctuary, where he is going to spend the rest of his days. After all the years of hard work, watching this beautiful animal roll in the grass for the first time is so precious! Please, enjoy and share.

One of the Equine Advocates’ supporter who met Bobby, fell in love with him and decided to fully sponsor the horse. Equine Advocates was founded in 1996. Besides horses, the organization rescues ponies, donkeys and mules from slaughter and abuse. In 2004 was established Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary, a 140-acre facility in upstate New York. Here animals get to live in a natural environment and socialize with each other. The sanctuary now is a home for 85 animals. In 2006 Equine Advocates opened a Humane Education Center. It welcomes visitors of all ages, including law enforcement officials, girl & boy scout troops, horse club members. The Center educates about such issues as responsible horse guardianship, humane horse handling, natural horsemanship, and many other subjects that affect the welfare of these beautiful creatures. Equine Advocates was honored by the New York State Humane Association and the Thoroughbred Charities of America for excellence in equine protection and their rescue work. You can make a donation to the organization on the website below.


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