This horse has an Amazing SKILL. What she did to escape is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to introduce to you Mariska, a 9-year-old Friesian horse. Her owners, Sandy and Don Bonem, have been breeding Friesians, which is considered a rare breed of horses, for over 10 years on Misty Meadow Farms in Midland, Michigan. Friesians are like fairytale horses, all black with long manes and a beautiful high-stepping trot. Through all the years of dealing with horses, Bonems have never seen anything like what Marisca is capable of. The horse wasn’t trained to do what she does, and what she is obviously good at, she figured it out on her own. Such a smartie! Find out where does Marisca’s nickname “Houdini Horse” come from. Prepare to be amazed and amused, and don’t forget to share this awesome video.

How about that skill? Can’t believe this horse is not in the movies yet. Sandy Bonem says Marisca would always play with things with her mouth since she was a foal, and she just kind of progressed from that. She doesn’t like to be locked in, so she would play with each new lock until she figured it out. Her goal was to get into the grain, but Bonems have moved it to a new stall and chained it shut. Every time they leave the barn, Marisca will go around and check to see if any of the safeguards are missing, and if she finds one, she gets out. This escape artist is a lot of work. Her security became a big issue since Mariska is now pregnant. The Bonem family has to close the bars on her window to prevent the horse from getting out. Friesian horses became popular in the film industry, due to the dramatic appearance, they appeared in such movies like: Eragon, The Mask of Zorro, Alexander, The Chronicles of Narnia, Clash of the Titans, remake of Conan the Barbarian and also used for the Tribute Parade in The Hunger Games and in Catching Fire.


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