This Homeless Man Was Unnoticed, But Watch What Happened When A Stranger Asked For His Bucket!!!!

This happened in Germany this year. A homeless man was sitting on the street with all his possessions, begging for money. But, as usual, everyone was just passing him by, all focused on their own problems, trying to neglect and not to think of him. But that was changed, thanks to the 3 students that decided to help the man. We should not be critical about the unfortunate ones, we never know what brought them to that point and we will never understand until we step in their shoes and walk as much as they’d walked. This video sends a good message and encourages people to help others in need. Always keep in mind that tomorrow you might be needing help. Let’s spread the message by sharing this video.

These students have a non-profit organization that helps homeless people. In May, earlier this year, they’ve done the same for several street beggars, but without hidden camera. These students realized that they could encourage other people to do the same by sharing their good deed. Big things start small, but all together we can make a big difference. But the message is not only about homeless or unemployed people, it is about help and support in general. Some people just need somebody to talk to, some people need help carrying the grocery bags, going up the stairs, changing a tire, needing a nice supporting word. Let’s be more attentive to those in need, and, hopefully, one day when we need someone’s help, we will be sure to get it. Germany is known for its economic and political power, but not many people know about its poverty. Poverty rates differ by states. While in Bavaria only 6,6% of children and 3,9% of all citizens are considered poor, in Berlin 15,2% of adults and 30,7% of the children survive on welfare. Single-parent families and families with multiple children are most likely to be the poorest.


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