These guys do something extraordinary with ordinary pens. Their talent blew me away!!!

Please, meet Shane Bang, a 20-year-old from Seattle, Washington, and his friend, Kevin. These guys have, obviously, spent a lot of time nervously tapping on the desk with a pen. So they decided to make something cool and fun out of it. Their incredible talent and speed simply blew my mind. By the way, Shane says, he barely plays drums. It started as a fun thing to do and turned into something incredible. Shane has already partnered with Disney Motion, he was invited to perform on America’s Got Talent, starred in Vans Clothing Commercial Campaign, and he already has 50,000 and counting subscribers on YouTube. These guys’ popularity grows with each day. Prepare to be amazed as well as amused, and don’t forget to share this video.

These guys should challenge a drum machine. I think it would overheat before the guys got tired. This beat making element is widely used in electronic music and hip hop. First drum machine was produced in 1930th, it was called Rhythmicon. It was invented at the request of Henry Cowell, American composer and pianist. He wanted to create a machine to play compositions which were too hard to perform on keyboard instruments. After being introduced to public, the Rhythmicon was soon set aside by Cowell and forgotten for decades. In 1957 Harry Chamberlin from California constructed a drum machine, based on tape loop, called the Chamberlin Rhythmate. The 14 tape loops contained real acoustic jazz drum kits playing different style beats, with additions such as bongos, castanets. In 1960 Raymond Scott, an American composer, pianist, electronic instrument inventor, constructed the Rhythm Synthesizer and, in 1963, a drum machine called Bandito the Bongo Artist. He used these machines to record one of his albums. The first commercial electro-mechanical drum machine was called the Sideman. It was released in 1959 by an American music instrument retailer, Wurlitzer.


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