This guy sings a song that he wrote for his pit bull. The dog’s reaction will WARM YOUR HEART!!!

Please, meet Shane Kober and his white pit bull Doogie. Shane likes to sing while playing the guitar, and the dog enjoys listening to him. But the way he listens to the music is quite adorable. Shane wrote a special song, dedicated to Doogie, and he really loves it. It seems that he understands the words, because of the way he reacts. Shane Kober posted this video to YouTube back in 2008. This year the Huffington Post website rediscovered it and shared it, generating over 2 million hits in two days. Doogie has already won hearts of millions with his sweet attitude and attentive behavior. He also has his own Facebook page, which is quite funny. Enjoy and share this awesome moment of two best friends.

Pit bulls are very loyal friends and they are always eager to please their owner. They are also very strong dogs, that needs a lot of exercise, that’s why you should think if it is the right dog for you. With White Pitbull you have to be extra careful, as they have sensitive skin and it needs extra attention. White pits, especially the ones that carry a red nose should avoid too much exposure to sunlight especially the midday summer sun. And if you live in hot states like Arizona, Florida, you should be extra careful with this. The American Temperament Society does testing on dogs every year, and the pitbull comes back ranking in better temperament than most other breeds. Even the little poodle has a more aggressive behavior pattern than that of the pitbull. If you train the dog properly, with love, care an attention, you will have a great companion for life. the best exercise for pits is walking, it also helps you bond. This breed also enjoys pulling stuff and racing with obstacles. The more pit bulls exercise, the more settled they are.


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