This groom wanted to surprise his bride, but he did more than JUST THAT! I laughed to tears!!!

Sean Rajaee, an Orthopedic Surgery resident, from Los Angeles, has a great sense of humor. He decided to prepare an awesome surprise for his bride, Ariana, on their wedding day on June 21, 2014. Sean’s friends who were his groomsmen flew in from across the country and had to learn the routine last minute. This American/Persian surprise made everyone smile and laugh. The way the guys incorporated bride’s favorite songs with the moves is very smart and funny. From Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, to Backstreet Boys and Bruno Mars, including a Persian singer Barobax this number covered and love, and humor, and cultural heritage. Please, enjoy and share this video with your friends and family. Good mood after watching it guaranteed.

This video has already reached the 19 million views mark on Youtube. The humor and originality of this surprise became the reason of billions of smiles. Such a great way to pleasantly surprise the bride and entertain the guests! Take notes, boring wedding planners. Traditional Persian wedding consists of two parts. First, bride and groom sign the marriage contract, it usually takes place at the house of bride’s parents. The next part is the wedding reception, which includes actual feasts and celebration, traditionally it lasted from 3 to 7 days. Every Persian ceremony includes different items that have a special meaning. A table with Persian Wedding Spread, which was traditionally passed from mother to daughter. It must be placed with such items as tray of spices, to protect from the evil eye, candelabras that represent the brightness of future, different nuts that symbolize fertility, sweets and honey play a big role as well, they represent the sweet life and are used in several traditional rituals, such as dipping the finger and feeding each other (for bride and groom). And no Persian wedding is being celebrated without a lot of jewelry, gold, coins, that represent wealth and prosperity.


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