This dog got the coolest toy with a pleasant secret. What a brilliant idea!!!

For centuries dogs have been bred for hunting, working, protecting. Nowadays strong, energetic breeds become pets. Boredom is a big problem for the animals, especially those that spend all day indoors. Bella, the Belgian Malinois, is always full of energy, because of that she developed a problem, she would eat too fast and start choking. Fortunately, Bella’s owner came up with a great idea for the dog to have fun and let some energy out. You can make this awesome toy with all kinds of surprises inside for your dog. It is great for a rainy or hot weather, when the conditions outside are not good for running and playing. Take a look how much this dog enjoys the toy. Share this great idea with your friends.

Such a thoughtful gift! Now Bella can use her intelligence and energy to get the tasty treats. Belgian Malinois is one of four types of Belgian shepherd dogs. This breed has a body length exactly the same as the height, which makes these dogs a literal square. The Belgian Malinois is intelligent, loyal, eager to please, energetic and playful. This breed has a great sense of smell, which makes them great watchdogs and guard dog. Belgian Malinois works with police forces in search and rescue operations and in bomb disposal squads. These dogs are great with kids, but can be dominant towards other pets. That’s why the training should start at an early age. This breed needs a lot of attention and exercise. The dog has to be occupied all the time, that’s why the toy from the video is the greatest thing for this animal. Belgian Malinois adapts to an apartment life pretty easy, but needs a lot of time outdoors in a large area where he can run around.


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