Gorilla Koko, who knows sign language, meets Robin Williams. This is THE BEST celebrity appearance EVER!!!

This is Koko, the World’s most famous gorilla who was taught to use over 1,000 words in sign language and understands over 2,000 words of spoken English. She just turned 43 and had a big Birthday party. Her teachers/companions like to surprise Koko. This time they invited a celebrity guest, Robin Williams. Koko knows his movies, but will she recognize him? This is, probably, the most adorable celebrity appearance I’ve ever seen. The way these two play is so sweet and very touching! But the best thing happens at the end of their meeting. Don’t miss this incredible moment. You can make a donation for The Gorilla Foundation to help the apes, facing extinction, both in captivity and in the wild. Please enjoy and share this video.

Project Koko is the longest running experiment in history. The Gorilla Foundation was founded in 1976, based on the results of a unique interspecies communication study with gorillas by founder Dr. Francine Penny Patterson. Dr. Patterson studied psychology at Stanford. Shortly, after her graduation she was introduced to a undernourished baby gorilla named Hanabi-Ko (Koko) at the San Francisco Zoo. Penny had no idea this gorilla will become her constant companion for such a long time. The main goal of Project Koko was to teach the ape to communicate, but it has evolved into much more. Through this experiment it was discovered how much gorillas are emotionally and cognitively like humans. So the focus of the Project has shifted from just research to using and applying it to benefit apes in captivity and in the wild. Koko can experience all the emotions a human being experiences. She is very critical to her drawing skills. Koko loves having kittens, she is very gentle and caring. She enjoys playing with dolls, pretends to be their mom. Koko is incredible.



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