Her Mother Had Been Battling Cancer for 3 Years, But What This Girl Did for Her is Incredible and So Touching!

Please, meet, the amazing little girls Rhema Marvanne. She might look tiny and fragile, but she has an incredibly strong and beautiful soul. She Has been through a lot. Her mother, Wendi Marvanne had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, when Rhema was only 3 years old. Wendy had been battling with the disease for 3 years until she passed. Rhema is her biggest accomplishment. What she’s been doing for her mother is incredible. Rhema did not get scared of what her mother was going through, she was strong for her mother. This little girl did not only give her mother strength, she also inspired and touched hearts of millions. Enjoy this beautiful story and Rhema’s amazing talent, and share it with your friends.

Rhema spent almost every hour with her mother, especially the last 2 weeks, untill Wendi took her last breath. After becoming an internet sensation at the age of 6, Rhema has being invited to multiple shows and charity events. She appeared on the Maury Povich Show Most Talented Kids 2010, and Korean show Star King. Today Rhema is 12 years old. Rhema draws inspiration from such artists as Celine Dion & Mariah Carey. She sings and writes gospel music and has released three albums so far: Rhema Marvanne, All Seasons, & Believe. Her songs are sold on iTunes, Amazon, as well as through her website’s Official Store. In 2011 the girl appeared in the movie Machine Gun Preacher with Gerald Butler. She has also appeared on ABC’s 20/20, Fox News, CBS, CBN, TBN as well as on Daystar. Rhema was the first person, who was invited to speak God’s word on China’s 2nd largest TV station with 300 million viewers. Currently the girl is taking a break from the spotlight.



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