This friendship between a girl and a lost foal is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Sooooo jealous!!!

One night the Einarsdóttir family, that lives just outside Reykjavik, Iceland, has been enjoying the evening at home, watching TV, when they got a call from the neighbor. He found a foal that was apparently lost and wandering on his own close to the sea. Gigja Einarsdottir rescued and brought the animal home for the night. The family named him Brogi. They were very fortunate to find the foal’s mother the following day. During Brogi’s stay with Einarsdóttirs, he took the opportunity to play with their four year old girl. This is the video of two young friends playing and enjoying each other’s company. It is absolutely adorable and might be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Enjoy and remember to press “SHARE”.

Have you noticed them play “Tag”? So much love and adoration! This girl will never forget such amazing experience. I am a grown up and I am very jealous. Hard to watch someone else having my and my two year old’s dream friendship. It is so cute to see an animal to be so friendly and trusting with a human being. The Icelandic horses are small, at times pony-sized, but they are long-lived and hardy. Icelandic law prevents horses from being imported into the country, due to the risk of bringing diseases, so when these horses go abroad for showing or breeding, they can never return home. That’s why there are more Icelandic horses around the world than in Iceland. This breed is famous for having 5 gaits. The three common gaits are: the typical walk, trot, and canter/gallop. Icelandic horses have the ability to perform two additional gaits: tölt. (known for explosive acceleration and speed) and “flying pace” (known as fast and smooth).


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