These 4 Friends Started To Play A Popular Game but Turned It Into Something INCREDIBLE!!!

If you loved The Cup Song by Anna Kendrick, you will love this one even more. Some people have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time, but check out what these four friends manage to do. They sat down to play this game and turned it into something incredible. The video was shot in one take, which wows even more. This is one of the most lovely and refreshing things I’ve seen lately. I could watch this all day long and not get annoyed by it. These kids say that it is easier to do this than it seems, but for people as unfocused as I am, they appear to be geniuses. Please, enjoy and share this beautiful video.

Their voices are so pleasant to listen to, and the harmonies are just beautiful! We need more stuff like this, instead of booty-shaking, tongue-sticking disgust. I’m glad that kids like this keep gaining popularity. Kurt Hugo Schneider and his friend Sam Tsui have been working together since high-school. Kurt is a songwriter and a video director and producer. Sam is a singer. They have their channels on YouTube. Kurt graduated from Yale University in 2010 with a degree in mathematics, then moved out to Los Angeles in 2011. He started filming his friends doing covers to most popular songs. Kurt’s channel surpassed 4 million YouTube subscribers in 2014. Kurt has been featured on The Ellen Show, The Oprah Show and The Wall Street Journal. He’s also collaborated with popular musicians such as Jason Mraz, Victoria Justice, Zendaya, Tegan and Sara, Christina Grimmie etc. He also directed and co-produced the feature film College Musical. In 2013, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Coca-Cola created music videos using glasses and bottles, making covers of songs by Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close”, Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks”, Capital Cities “Safe and Sound” for a campaign called “The Sounds of AHH”.


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